Daddy Don't Go

Captured over two years, “Daddy Don’t Go” is a feature length documentary about four disadvantaged fathers in New York City as they struggle to beat the odds and defy the deadbeat dad stereotype.

The official site of the feature length documentary "Daddy Don't Go" directed by Emily Abt. Captured over two years, “Daddy Don’t Go” is a feature length documentary about four disadvantaged fathers in New York City as they struggle to beat the odds and defy the deadbeat dad stereotype. 

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Here's how DADDY DON'T GO can be utilized by academics, non-profits, government agencies and father-friendly organizations:

• to empower disadvantaged fathers and promote discussion about the evolving role of fathers today

• to bring awareness to your father-friendly organization, attracting new participants and supporters

• to breakdown negative stereotypes about disadvantaged fathers

• as a fundraising tool for a father-friendly gala or special event


DADDY DON'T GO is especially relevant in these areas of study:

• Men's Studies  • Criminology  • African American Studies  • Children, Youth & Families  • Religion, Theology & Ethics   • Social Justice Studies  • Sociology  • Human Rights  • Public Policy Studies


"'Daddy Don't Go' deftly weaves together the forces impacting the lives of disadvantaged fathers."  PROFESSOR WILLIAM JULIUS WILSON, HARVARD, HARVARD UNIVERSITY

“In her clear-sighted portrait, Abt maturely and poignantly captures the reality of (her subjects)...A depiction of not only paternal devotion and sacrifice, but also the difficulty of breaking cycles of personal and parental neglect and trauma. This stirring film derives much of its power from its non-judgmental, warts-and-all perspective on its subjects…it is a nuanced and heartrending work.” VARIETY

“Bottom line: this affecting and sympathetic doc offers real-world insight into the absent-father epidemic.” - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"'Daddy Don't Go' is garnering attention because of the way it was filmed. Abt followed fathers for over two years in order to delve into the issues that low-income fathers face. A story of perseverance, it is a film that shows viewers how men can still be present fathers despite having limited means." - INDIEWIRE

This new film from director Emily Abt is arguably one of the year’s most touching documentaries. It’s an emotional piece of work and needs to be seen.” CRITERION

“Being the product of a fatherless household, "Daddy Don't Go" delves into an issue that’s close to my heart. The media inundates us with the notion that men from impoverished areas are absent fathers but meanwhile there are millions of men fighting to be active in their children’s lives. "Daddy Don’t Go" chronicles the journeys of four such men and their respective battles to parent their children. It’s time men like Alex, Omar, Nelson and Roy have a platform to challenge the deadbeat dad stereotype.” - OMAR EPPS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF DADDY DON'T GO

"As a father of three children and a lifelong advocate for children, families and community building, this emotionally gripping and powerful film comes at the right time to continue a much needed conversation.  It also gives a voice to countless voiceless fathers who work hard everyday to hold it together and give their children a fulfilled life. Emily and the rest of the team have poured 4 years of blood, sweat and tears into this passion project and I'm honored to be a part of it." - MALIK YOBA, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF DADDY DON'T GO

You can now BUY or RENT a copy of DADDY DON'T GO through New Day Films. If you have questions about the DVD, hosting a community screening or purchasing the film for private or institutional use, please email us.